Change is Scary

After living in mostly suburban New York my whole life, I am moving to Misawa, Japan for four years with my husband of three months. He is in the US Air Force, therefore I will be joining him on the air base. So three new things: living in a country that is completely foreign to me; being married and living with my husband for the first time; and living on a military base. I think these new experiences will be worth talking about.

I decided to write a blog mostly for my own sanity, but also for those who are curious about what this sort of life looks like. If you are wondering how someone may adjust to so many changes, join me, because I am wondering the same thing. I’m definitely afraid. Fear of the unknown has always been prevalent in my life. Will I get a job? Will Dan and I get along? Will I make friends? Will I have the courage to be independent, or will Dan’s life become my only life? Will I be overwhelmingly homesick? Will I even like Japan? Ultimately, I am afraid of not being ok.

It isn’t easy to leave a life full of people you love, especially when it feels like it has taken such a long time to acquire it. And it’s so much easier to stay where you have become familiar with. It’s comfortable. But why remain in a comfortable setting when you are given the opportunity to be uncomfortable with new experiences?  This is easier said than done, of course. I am just trying this new thing called optimism.

Although I have had a lot of fear in the days leading to my departure, at the moment I feel calm and at peace. Things will unfold one day at a time. I expect that my feelings will fluctuate, but with the support of my husband, friends, family, and the universe, I actually believe everything will be ok. I will be ok.




  1. So proud of you Filiz! Not only for taking this huge leap, but for being so candid and honest about how you feeling while embarking upon it.

    I have no doubts that this will be an incredible adventure for you and that you will come through even more brave and awesome than you already are (if that’s even possible!)

    Can’t wait to keep reading. ❤


  2. LIZARD!!!!! I had no idea u were blogging!! I love it!! Just another thing that makes you incredibly brave!! I can’t wait to read and be on this adventure with u and Dan and Kumo!!


  3. You are the first blogger whom I know personally. I look forward to reading your thoughts and following Dan’s and your adventures. Change is scary, but a part of life. Things will work out, although possibly in ways that you never anticipated. Good luck and all of Cheryl’s and my love to you and Dan.


  4. You will be fine. You will make friends and you are going to have a great adventure. I on the other hand. lol. I’m good. Hahaha
    I look forward to reading about your adventures and getting my snaps. I love you always and forever.


  5. What a fabulous launch to your blog! Love it, and I love that you’re trying on optimism and embracing the whole murky and magnificent adventure. You’re a courageous spiritual warrior woman and I look forward to experiencing your inner and outward travels through your words. Love you!!!!!


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