Lake Towada

Just giving a little update on what is going on.

I have been meaning to write, but things have been coming up, which is a good thing. Before I usually had nothing to do, so my excuses for not writing too often were that I was either uninspired or unmotivated. Those are reasons coming from a depressive state. Yes, I believe I have had a level of depression since I have moved here, despite my efforts to stay positive. However, I feel like I am beginning to get out of this depression because I actually have people to hang out with now. I think I mentioned in my last post that I have made friends with Dan’s coworkers. The group of them that are in their twenties are cool. I’ve gotten to know two of them, the couple that has Kumo’s sister, better than everyone else so far. I really like them and have fun being around them. I have fun being around the others too, but I’ve come to feel more comfortable around these particular two. They’re both really nice and funny and we just get along. I like it when people introduce me to new things, whether it be music, YouTube channels, or things to do around Misawa.

Last night I took Kumo over to their apartment and he had a ball playing with Isaac, the biggest husky in the world, and Kumo’s sister Frieya, the smallest husky in the world. Kumo really loves being with them. He gets to fight with them and get the stimulation he needs as a puppy. I play with him plenty, but it comes no where close to the way he plays with the other pups. He definitely likes four-legged animals better than the terrifying two-legged ones called humans. He is, however, beginning to warm up to the idea that people, other than me and Dan, only want to love him. I’m so angry at the breeder who most definitely neglected these poor dogs. They are so clueless sometimes. Like Kumo still has no idea that he’s supposed to mark his territory on walks. He has zero instinct. He needs Isaac to show him the ropes.


So yes, I have been spending time hanging out with people and unpacking. Our household goods came! There was so much that the movers brought in, and they did it so quickly! I’ve said it before, the Japanese are super efficient in everything they do. And they’re all so friendly. I didn’t realize how important it is to have things of your own in your living space. I feel significantly better having familiar things surrounding me in my home. Just now I called this my home because it is starting to feel that way. I still refer to NY/NJ as home though. I’ve only been here for two months, so I think I can give myself more time to feel completely comfortable here. At first I thought I would never be. Anyway we unpacked the majority of our things but still have boxes that we shoved into the guest room for now. I will probably go through them tonight. The living room and kitchen look pretty good right now though! I realized that we packed a lot more things that we really don’t need, so I am going to start posting things on the Misawa yard sale facebook page to sell those things. And I have so many clothes. It’s ridiculous how many clothes I have. That’s what happens when you work in retail– you buy everything because you get such a good discount. At least we did at American Eagle Outfitters. God, I am so happy not to be working there anymore. I like the clothes, I like the people who I worked with, but I am not patient enough to deal with people who treat you like garbage. Working there actually made me hate people and feel miserable whenever I had to talk to a customer. And I’m a social worker! I am supposed to be good with people! I think in general I am, and I believe I will be a good therapist once I actually have a job. But working in retail brings a whole other side to people, at least in the United States. Most people are rude, so in turn, you become rude. And that’s just not who I am.

Moving on.

So far married life isn’t bad, but it also isn’t the best thing ever. It’s not like Dan and I are constantly gazing into each other’s eyes thinking about how much we love each other. Not that I want to do that. But to anyone who wants to get married as soon as possible, you really don’t need to. Nobody fantasizes about the mundane, so people need to let you know–everyday life with your spouse is pretty mundane. It’s not a bad thing. Just know that you and your partner aren’t always going to be attached to the hip, if that is what you imagine. Most of the time when Dan is off from work, I watch him play video games. That’s not a complaint. I’m just trying to give a picture of how marriage is sometimes. We talk, but not a ton. We sit together on the couch, but we don’t snuggle up all of the time. We don’t eat every meal together. We don’t always go to sleep at the same time. And all of that is absolutely ok. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with our relationship. It doesn’t mean anything. I think I can safely say that we are both happy to just be together. Sure, sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with us, but I know there isn’t. Besides, it’s difficult to do a lot when he is still on night shift. But we do go grocery shopping together, we take Kumo to the dog park, we play video games together and I pout every time he beats me, we laugh at each other, I sometimes dance around the kitchen while he cooks and pretends he’s embarrassed to know me, and we are happy. Marriage simply isn’t the most thrilling thing all of the time. I don’t say this to discourage anyone. I say this mostly for myself.

We did actually go somewhere last Saturday! There was a winter festival at Lake Towada, which is about an hour away, but we decided to take the bus which took about two hours. Military bases have this thing called ITT where you can sign up to go places and have transportation to go there. There are trips to Tokyo for all kinds of things, and a bunch of trips to different festivals. Japan has many many festivals. It would have been cheaper to just drive to the festival ourselves, but we learned. I think ITT is useful for things like taking a trip to Tokyo and getting tickets to a sumo wrestling match (which I really want to do), or maybe go to the anime convention. Otherwise, I think we will find out what is going on through ITT, but do it ourselves. The festival didn’t cost anything, it was just the transportation we paid for.

The festival was a lot smaller than we anticipated. It just seemed like there would be more to do. I think at most three hours there would be enough time instead of five. It was a big open space where the Lake wasn’t visible, and there were spots for kids to sled, there were lights on trees, and there was snow and ice everywhere. In the walls of ice there were little windows carved into them and a light was in each window. It looked nice when it got darker out. There was a strip of food stands and they all had an area where you can go inside and sit since it was freezing outside. There was also a small area with hot water that people sat by and put their feet in, and a bar in an igloo sort of thing! That was cool. We went through an ice tunnel with flashing blue lights and there appeared a bar table made of ice with a bunch of beverages on the other side. Some drinks were served in ice glasses, and there were gloves on the table for you to wear when holding the glass. I didn’t have anything but Dan had a beer. It was too cold so he didn’t finish it. We didn’t spend too much time in there. We mostly went from food stand to food stand and ate, walked around a bit, and took a quick walk to the lake. We said, “It’s not that windy out right now” until we got to the lake and it was super windy and cold and awful. The lake was pretty with the mountains in the distance, but I took my hand out of my glove for less than 20 seconds to take a picture, and it ached from the cold. We spent about 60 seconds there before we decided we need to leave immediately. I would like to go back there in the spring or summer.

After a little bit more walking around, we decided to go back to the bus to sit and get warm. Pretty much everyone else had the same idea. Except the bus wasn’t even warm so that was disappointing. Dan rested his head on my lap and fell asleep. An hour or so later I noticed that there was a show going on on this big stage they had with a sculpture of a dragon carved into the backdrop. I woke Dan up and we braved the cold once more to watch a drum show and fireworks.

I just took a break to check out facebook and everyone in the states is raving about how warm it is over there. I am genuinely upset right now. I get that global warming isn’t a good thing, but it is stupid stupid stupid freezing cold here and it is hurting my soul. I don’t think anyone understands. Now I don’t want to write anymore because I am sad haha… Here are some pictures from the winter festival.















  1. This is awesome. I like the part about not rushing into marriage. Very true, or might be I wouldn’t know. Kumo has friends yay!!! Seems like Isaac needs to be around more for him:)
    And that lake!!! Wow! So cool. I wish I could see this stuff, I’m so jealous, however I hate the cold so I would NOT LIKE IT AT ALL.
    ever think of writing real life? Lol


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