Okinawa is Freaking Paradise

Well, well, well… I certainly thought I was done blogging, since I haven’t written in about two months. Here’s my explanation because I feel the need to give one: As the weather got nicer, I began to do a lot more with my days, and I began to feel better. When I write, I feel as though I am talking to someone else, therefore I usually only write when I feel lonely. Am I feeling lonely now? Yeah, I would say so. I also haven’t been writing because the more I would do, the more I would have to update on. And I am very lazy, so I really didn’t feel like taking the time to update on all of my little excursions. Every single time I blog, I say I will do better with writing more often. I know, I suck. I was never kidding myself though. From the beginning, I knew that keeping up with this was going to be a task.

So what made me break this dry spell? The humidity. HA. But really, I went to Okinawa and it is the most humid place I have ever been to. Not taking the heavy, sticky, gross humidity into consideration, Okinawa is freaking paradise. It’s gorgeous. Take into consideration that I would say this about any place with lots of sun and a beautiful ocean surrounding you.

Something I found interesting: In the ocean, there is an area sectioned off by some kind of wall, where people are allowed to swim without being politely asked to relocate. Although jelly fish season is in October, they do this so that people do not have to deal with the jelly fish or other marine life such as water snakes. I don’t think the water snakes are harmful, but I guess people prefer not to swim with them. The first time Dan and I went to the beach, we went to one that was a three minute walk from the air bnb we were staying in. We decided to swim outside of the swimming area because it was too crowded. Instead of having a whistle blown at us and getting yelled at, an announcement was made over a loud speaker, asking people to only swim in the specific area. When we heard that, we moved more towards the shore and ended up just sitting in the water. I was so happy to be at the beach. The water was turquoise, clear, and at a temperature that didn’t make me gasp when I got in. We sat there for about 30 minutes before we felt cold. We were in Okinawa for a softball tournament, and I think it was after our third game of the day where we decided to stop at the beach to cool off in the water.

Dan didn’t play, but he was there as our number one fan/mascot. The tournament was held for 24 hours a day and had eight women’s teams and about ten to twelve men’s teams. Women played the women and men played the men. The teams came from Air Force, Navy, and Marine bases. Our team, the Misawa Lady Jets, ended up playing 11 games in 48 hours. It was pretty brutal, especially since the majority of our games were during the day time where the sun was beaming down on us, and the humidity was at its highest. One day we played five games. And we won all five! We ended up in third place. I think it’s funny and amazing that we did that well, because we totally looked like the bad news bears when our team rolled up at the opening ceremony. All of the girls were a lot bigger than us in size, they had more people on their team, and they had these really cool looking uniforms. We all look pretty wimpy compared to the other girls, we had just enough people on our team to play, and our uniforms were cheap tanks from the BX with a number on it. A few people sarcastically commented on how awesome our uniforms are. And then we ended up kicking ass. There were a lot of issues on our team, mostly because we had never played a game all together, and everyone had an opinion on what the lineup should be, and what positions people should be playing. It caused a bunch of drama and stress, but eventually when we got the lineup sorted out, we played really well, and the team was overall happy.

Other than the bit of drama, I had a lot of fun! I met some girls that I really like, and I had a good time with ones that I already knew. Oh my goodness… There was a team from the Marines and they were so obnoxious but so entertaining. They were pretty much wasted the entire tournament and were constantly heckling and making asses of themselves. The last day they were in the stands but very quiet, and we were like what the hell is wrong with you guys? They said they ran out of beer. Dan came up with the grand idea that none of them are sober so they cannot get more beer for themselves, so they would probably pay you to go get them some. He told me to do it, but I didn’t have a car, so I told him to tell our friend Kristy to do it. She quietly said something about getting them beer, and their ears perked up and they immediately took out their wallets to give her money. They chanted her name and right then she became a hero. It was hilarious.

More about the tournament… I missed really caring about something. Although we were there to have fun, my competitive side came out during the games, and I found myself busting my ass and truly caring about doing well as a team and winning. I’m not the most talented player out there, but at least I could say I work hard with what I have. My body ended up getting pretty beat up. I have some scrapes from sliding, I got these huge blisters on my feet from my cleats, and I definitely pulled a muscle or something in my quad because by our last game, I couldn’t even run, and therefore I was useless. My legs are my biggest asset when it comes to sports.

When the tournament ended and we had more time to do other things, we went to some Okinawan restaurants and tried new foods. They were all really good. One was a sort of fried pancake with all kinds of ingredients in them. Dan and I had one with a bunch of sea food in it. Apparently Okinawans live the longest because of the foods they eat. They are well known for a bitter melon and for their sweet potatoes which are purple instead of orange! Also, pork is basically considered a vegetable. So if you order a vegetarian meal, there will most likely be pork in it anyway. Other than food, they are also well known for Okinawan glass. One night we did Karaoke and I sang By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Dan and I rocked out to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. That was a lot of fun.

Tofu, pork, bitter melon, maybe some egg, and onion
Sweet potato dessert
Okinawan glass

After Okinawa, we flew to Tokyo where Dan, Takako, and I had about nine hours until our overnight bus back to Misawa, so we did some exploring in Asakusa. We wanted to go to the skytree but it was too cloudy out, so we ended up seeing a castle and walking around. All of the buildings and everything on the streets are all so artistic.




We also went to a Kill Bill inspired restaurant! The three of us have talked about how much we like the movie, so Takako thought it would be a good idea to check out the restaurant. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Japan is very into themed restaurants. So we went and the moment we walked in, the host yelled something out, and everyone who worked there yelled out “Welcome!” We got there at a good time because within 20 minutes of us being there, the place became packed with people. The whole atmosphere of the place was awesome. The music was great, everyone was super friendly, and the food was excellent. And it wasn’t even that expensive. The place looked like a smaller version of the restaurant from Vol. 1 where Beatrix Kiddo fought off the crazy eighty eights. We were about to leave, but then the lights went out and music from the movie started blaring. That was exciting. It turned out that that’s what they do when it is someone’s birthday. As the music played, they brought a cake to the person and everyone sang happy birthday. IMG_20170705_181518


I guess I am feeling lonely because there was so much excitement and things to do everyday in Okinawa, but now there isn’t really anything to do. I always get this way when there is an immediate transition from a lot to a little. Again I find myself jobless and with little purpose, other than playing with Kumo and taking him for walks. I do have friends (and even more now) to ask to hang out, but I always have a hard time with that. I somehow think that nobody wants to hang out with me unless they ask me. I need to get over that. This time I am not going to bother saying that I will try to write more, because we know how that always ends up.

Thanks for reading!


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