Thoughts on an Airplane, Part Two

There is about 4 hours left of the flight on the way back to Tokyo. The flight is 15 hours total. It was much faster getting to the US than leaving. I’ve slept for maybe 2 hours… Right now I’m listening to The Doors’ greatest hits while Dan rests his head on my shoulder. My trip back was really nice. I was sick for the first week, but other than that, I had a really good time seeing the people I have been missing. I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to, mostly because of limited time. I was there for a month and it wasn’t even close to enough. Only a week felt like a long time away from Kumo though. Dan updated me with videos and pictures and reports of what he chewed while he was at work. And Edd and Demi sent a bunch of snapchats of him playing with the other huskos. I still think he is going to love them more than he loves us now.. 

I didn’t do many things on my trip, other than Muge and Ashton’s wedding in Boston, which was so so nice. Everything about it was really special and it all suited the two of them perfectly. The ceremony was in the backyard of Ashton’s aunt Angela’s house, which is lovely. They both looked so beautiful and happy. Their vows made me tear up a bit. And Ashton’s brother, Shane, did an amazing job officiating! The reception was at a waterworks museum which was super cool. It was industrial like and obviously not a traditional type of setting. If you’re interested in seeing their wedding video and some pictures I took, they are on my Facebook page! 

I’m so happy for Muge and Ashton. There is no other way their relationship could go… I knew they would always be together. And I’m really happy that our families are officially joined! Ashton’s family is so much fun. They are all really great people. I like them a whole lot. I wish I lived close to Boston so I can do all of the fun family things they do together. I also really like Dan’s family. It’s small, but that’s nice. I got to spend some time with them and actually have a conversation with them.So yeah, the wedding was a lot of fun. There was some karaoke and lots of dancing. Dan and I sang “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. Everyone was blown away by how well Dan could hit those falsetto notes. He killed it. I recall somebody commenting in the video of us singing, “his balls are in his fucking stomach”. People are hilarious.

What else happened… We went out to dinner a whole lot. I flung pumpkins with a giant slingshot. I was most happy with just hanging out with people. Spending time with my friends and family meant a lot to me. Even if we weren’t doing anything crazy. I would actually prefer to just sit around and talk and bask in each other’s presence. I’m glad that nothing really changed between my friends and I. It was as though no time has passed.

Saying goodbye to everyone was of course still difficult for me. My friend Amy asked me if it is easier to say goodbye this time. I guess it is, but really only because I know that I have a home in Japan. This time I wasn’t so afraid. I was just sad to leave everyone. Visiting home made me realize how much I want to be around all of these people that I have deep, meaningful relationships with. The idea of traveling around and later living in different states in the US, is exciting to me. And I know I will meet even more people in each place we go. But no matter how much I like these new friends, it takes real time to develop a deep, meaningful relationship with someone. By the time that would even happen, we would leave or they would leave for another base. It really sucks. Especially for someone who thrives on connecting with people (me). So of course I want to stay close to the Northeast… But I also want to travel. It’s tough. I talked to Dan about all of this while we sat at a cafe in the terminal. He was trying to figure out how to make it better, and I appreciate that, but I told him that I don’t want him to find a solution, I’m just voicing my feelings. So we came to the conclusion that we would see how it goes at the next assignment. I really just need to take things one day at a time, like I tried to do when I first moved to Misawa. When I don’t focus on where my feet are, my head goes in all kinds of directions.

So right now my feet are on this airplane and feel swollen. And I feel a bit nauseous. And my eyes are dry.

Well, ’til next time! My next post will be about Tokyo adventures!


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  1. As always I loved your post! We are at the airport waiting to take off for our long awaited trip to Barcelona! Glad your flight wasn’t so bad! Miss you and can’t wait to visit you both in Japan in the next few years! Of course we will be in touch daily as always! Love you!


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